Welcome to Spot a Sparrow!

November 28, 2014 4:10 pm

We are very happy to tell you that Friday afternoon our new citizen-science project Spot a Sparrow was officially launched in Rabat!

Spokespersons from both BirdLife Malta and Inspire – the Foundation for Inclusion met in St. Dominic Square to present the project. Flocks of sparrows reach the oaks around St. Dominic every afternoon before sundown, and then they start to get ready to go to sleep – by chirping as loud as they possibly can.


Now it’s your turn. Send us your records – sparrows roost all over the island, in large leafy trees. You can’t mistake them – you can even hear the noise they make while driving past them in your car. We will collect your records, verify them, and then create a map of all the roosts that will allow us to better protect the trees.

This space will also tell your sparrow stories. So, when you submit you roost record, share your story with us! We will contact you to talk about it a bit more, and you might end up being featured on our website.

(Photos by Andrew Hill)